Collection Tips

Be Cart Smart

Place your carts properly for collection.
Carts improperly placed may not be emptied.

Park it
On the street, with the wheels against the curb, or on the shoulder (if no curb)

Point it
Point the arrow on the cart lid towards the road.

Space it
Leave at least an arm’s length distance on all sides.

To the curb by
7:00 AM

To reduce conflicts with wildlife please DO NOT place your carts out before your collection day.

How to Use Your Carts

  • All materials must fit within the carts completely with lids closed
  • Do not block bicycle lanes or sidewalks. Carts must not be an obstacle for cyclists or pedestrains
  • Extra garbage? Up to two (2) additional garbage bags that display a ‘tag a bag’ sticker and are not inside a garbage can will be collected.