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Automated Waste, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection Carts

How big are the new carts? How much room will be required to store these new carts?

These are just a few of the questions we’ve received regarding the new carts that will be provided to property owners receiving curbside pickup. The following photos and size descriptions are provided to answer those queries.

This cart is similar to the type you will receive for garbage. It is roughly equal to two regular size garbage bags.

  • Volume: 120 Litres
  • Height: 93 cm / 36.6 in
  • Width: 48 cm / 18.9 in
  • Depth: 55 cm / 21.7 in

This cart is similar to the type you will receive for recycling and yard waste. You will receive two carts of this size: one for recyclables and one for yard waste.

  • Volume: 240 Litres
  • Height: 109.9 cm / 43.25 in
  • Width: 62.2 cm / 24.5 in
  • Depth: 70.5 cm / 27.75 in

This large cart is similar to the type that is intended for use in multi-family units where space may be at a premium.

  • Volume: 360 Litres
  • Height: 113 cm / 44.5 in
  • Width: 63.8 cm / 25.1 in
  • Depth: 85 cm / 33.5 in